Healthy Habits to Change your Life with Hallie Steinberg

Hey Magnificent Mamas,

This week's guest on the Magnificent Mamas Thrive Show shares with us the LEAN system that she implements in her own life as a mom of (3) young girls and her secrets to feeling energized with a full spirited attitude.

I'm not sure about you but all I know is that I'm not getting any younger and every time I look in the mirror I'm reminded that I get one body to take care of for the rest of my life. So to me, it only makes sense to take better care of your body than you do your vehicle that you are able to trade in when it doesn't work or when you get bored of it.

These days wellness is a very important topic. Life stressors are through the roof and that only wrecks havoc on your body and mind. When we get stressed we lose sight of positive thoughts, we become too exhausted to exercise and we tend to choose foods that give us a quick fix or supply of energy.

Before we fall down that rabbit hole that takes so much effort to get out of my guest Hallie Steinberg...

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