The Mindful Mama's Guide to Self-Appreciation

A while back a client approached me on the recommendation of her family physician. After a series of tests yielded no physical ailments, she declined medication, yet her persistent feelings of being overwhelmed, anxiety, and exhaustion remained. In our initial session, my client came to a profound realization: she had been running from her past, which she had managed to bury for most of her life. In the process, she had not only forgotten the hardships she endured but also the beautiful moments and memories she had created. Her traumatic childhood had shaped her into a survivor, a mode she had carried into her adult life, despite her significant achievements. However, she had been caught in a perpetual cycle of survival, never pausing to acknowledge the greatness within herself.

She confided in me that she seldom felt good about her accomplishments, except for her relationship with her daughter. Her heart swelled with love and gratitude for her child, even though her...

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