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Who are the Magnificent Mamas?

Let me guess ... you are a woman on a mission to grow personally, professionally, spiritually, and financially ... and you just wish you could find other like-minded women who are also on a journey to discover the bigger purpose of life.

Our mission with the Magnificent Mamas Collective is simply to empower women to thrive by offering a variety of ways for women to connect, share and nurture one another for those seeking connection, collaboration, joy, and happiness in business and life. 

Together, we can empower, inspire and support the thousands of women who are soul seeking for their bigger purpose on this beautiful planet.

Will you join us? 


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Look at all the ways we are available to nourish, connect and support you ...

Mamas Events

Attend one of the upcoming events. We have both live in-person and virtual zoom events. There is so much to plug into but everything we offer is all here to inspire, empower, and encourage you to THRIVE!

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Mamas In Biz Membership

If you're looking for safe space to network, feel nourished and create deeper connections with other women in business. This membership is exactly what you've been waiting for. 

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Mamas Soul Circle

The Mamas Soul Healing is a monthly membership that creates the space, offers the support, tools, and advice you need to bring you back to balance and in alignment - body, mind & soul. 

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Connect, nourish and feel supported by joining in on the conversations in the Free Facebook Group. Learn about what the other Mamas are doing to grow emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially. 

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