Finding Clarity, Peace & Calm in the Midst of Stressful Times with Ania Fiduccia

Hey, There Magnificent Mama!

Running a business can be hard!

Many of us are working with a limited amount of team members leaving us as the business owner with lots of roles and not enough time. One of the struggles I've heard from so many Mamas in Biz is that they are constantly trying to find a work-life balance.

As though that isn't a real struggle burning the candle on both ends when a crazy pandemic comes along and seriously rocks your world. And now you need to find time for one of the most important roles... HOME SCHOOL TEACHER! 

Are you kidding me ???

I could barely get through 9th grade Math let alone teaching it to my kid. 

As Mamas we do what we have to do to get it done. Every day I have heard from many of the Magnificent Mamas that the constant exhaustion, overwhelm, and multi-tasking is taking a toll on their health, happiness, and businesses. 

My special guest shares with us several of the tools that she uses to successfully run not just...

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