A Beacon of Strength and Inspiration

Alison Andrew embodies the very essence of strength and resilience.

Throughout her courageous battle with lymphoma, Alison not only continued to fulfill her role as a Partner at Faw Casson accounting firm, but she also embarked on a remarkable journey of sharing her experiences with the world.

What makes Alison's story truly awe-inspiring is the profound impact it has had on countless individuals, both women and men, who have been touched by her unwavering spirit. In the darkest moments of life, she taught us all to dig deep within ourselves, to find that reservoir of strength we never knew we possessed.

Alison's revelation during her challenging times resonates deeply with everyone who has ever been consumed by the demands of a career. She reminds us that life encompasses so much more than our work; it's about cherishing every moment, even when they are tinged with adversity. As a devoted mother to teenagers, Alison understands the preciousness of every fleeting moment.

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