How to stay healthy and fit in your 50's with Coach Lesslee

Hey there Magnificent Mama!

My special guest today is a Health Coach who specializes in helping women over 50 thrive in life, especially in their golden years. For many women, they get stuck taking care of everyone else's needs their entire life and once the kids are all grown up and on their own, she quickly realizes how important it is that she puts her needs first.

Coach Lesslee approaches health with a daily routine beginning with the importance of something as simple as sleep. She not only holds her clients accountable to help them get the results that are looking for, most importantly she has found huge success in her own life with the tips and advice she shares in our interview.

Here are some of the things that Coach Lesslee and I discussed to help you get started living on a path towards a happy and healthier lifestyle.

* As a woman entering her 50's Why you can't ignore HORMONES

* Why a "one size" wellness program does not work for everyone

* What to do when you get off...

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