Tapping | How to Use E.F.T for Stress and Anxiety Relief


Hey Magnificent Mamas,

I'm so excited you have found this page and our thrive interviews! These interviews are filled with practical tips, tools, and advice from extraordinary women who have so much to support us on our life journey.

In today's interview, I get to talk to the charismatic kind-hearted Alexis Brown on how to implement EFT to reduce and ease anxiety and stress.

Some of the topics we discussed:

* Meditation and the Importance of Breath

* Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

* Subconscious Thoughts and how to become aware of what is controlling or guiding us.

* Fear of Change and why we can't get things done

* Adapting to Change

* Sequence of EFT and how to do it on yourself to reduce stress or change behaviors that are not in alignment with your desires

Check out more about Alexis Brown and how she helps people.



More about Alexis Brown

Forthcoming author of 'Polite Existence' coming in the fall of 2020, Alexis assists...

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