Reducing Symptoms of Menopause Holistically with Kelly Nentwich

Hey Magnificent Mama!

Whatever age or stage you are in I am pretty sure you have heard of women who have gone through the change of life. Let's call it the dirty word MENOPAUSE!

The only reason why it's a dirty word is that many women struggle with hormonal imbalances that take control over their body, mind, and those emotions that make us cry at the drop of hat.

Hormonal imbalance is REAL and it can take over your BEING like a bad horror movie.

If you are struggling with

* Feeling like your on an emotional rollercoaster

* Experiencing hot flashes

* Vagninal dryness

* Dry skin

* Foggy thinking .... and a slew of other things then you will definitely want to grab a cup of tea or water and listen in as my guest Kelly Nentwich shares her expertise on hormones and how to bring balance into the body.

Press play now and change the course of your imbalances for good! 

The Magnificent Mamas are all about holistically approaching life, health, and wellness. We offer space for all women...

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