Mental Health Support for Teens


Welcome to the Thrive Live Conversation. This is the platform where we come together as a collective to share, discuss and learn from one another ways to help our community not just survive but to thrive in all areas of life.

In this Thrive Live Conversation, I had the great opportunity to talk with

* Tessa Richter from

* Deyna Gomez from

* Diane Winiarczyk from

We discussed and explored a variety of options to support teens and their mental health. Listen in to some of the tools they shared such as:

* Using Frequency Music to Calm and bring peace to the body

* The connection to the Gut/ Brain

* Learning to love yourself " Where" you are in life's path

* Exploring and Identifying "Who" you are


The Magnificent Mamas Collective is a community of women looking to share their wisdom, learn from one another, and thrive on this journey called LIFE! Learn more about all that we offer by visiting us at...

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Balancing the Root Chakra for Security, Purpose and Prosperity in Business

Is your business is stuck, stagnant, and barely seeing consistent growth because of your out-of-balance root chakra?


It's definitely possible. 


Here are some signs your root chakra is out of balance and some simple ways to bring it into balance so that you can start seeing, feeling, and acting the way you want in your business.


Signs of an Unhealthy Root Chakra

  • Feeling Completely Stuck ~ For some reason, your business isn't your passion anymore.  You’re feeling frustrated for the lack of progress and you're not clear on which steps to take next or who to ask for support.


  • Lack Commitment. ~ You start and stop new projects and barely seem to ever stick with one thing. You are always chasing "shiny objects" but never seeing the results that you wished for. 


  • Excessive Fear and Concerns ~ You are constantly waking up with fears and concerns of all the things that could go...
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Finding Pleasure by Aligning the Body, Mind & Soul

Happiness, pleasures, and joy could mean a vast variety of things for different people. To you, it might mean having the chance to read a good book out on your back porch with some chamomile tea while I would get immense pleasure from walking along the beach looking for sea life that emerges just long enough so we could watch them dance across the water before they disappear again into their secret world beneath our feet.
This idea of women's pleasure is very rarely talked about, and it seems that we are taught from a young age to make sure everyone else gets their needs met before ours. Women often spend time searching for the things which will bring happiness to others but forgetting all about themselves in the process.
Why does society seem so focused on this shame of having pleasure?
It feels like our duty as humans are just catering and pleasing other people while neglecting ourselves altogether! So many women go through life trying to find solutions or...
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Time for a Change, Make your Declaration to the Universe

If you are feeling stuck in your life and are ready for change, take time to declare to the Universe that you are ready and willing to become the change.
If you're like most people there comes a time when we feel ready to experience a change. Maybe we've felt stuck in an unhealthy relationship, a home or a town that doesn't feel right, a job/career that is not in alignment with our greater desires, or maybe we just can't seem to be clear on the direction we really want to go.
It's times like this when we can use the sound of our voice to shift the consciousness within us, declare to the universe that we are ready and willing to become the change, and create the change that needs to happen. 
Imagine you are living in a relationship and you are so sick and tired of what you keep getting or how you are being treated but you never tell your partner, friend, or mate your true feelings. How is that person going to be able to accommodate or alter their behavior...
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Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.

Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.

Have you ever just wished you could only find the words to speak what's on your mind and in your heart, you would just let that person know how much they hurt you? 


Maybe you are walking around with this pain or heaviness in your heart and you can't seem to rid your mind, body, and emotions from someone or a situation that you thought had been resolved years ago.


Take a moment and go into your mind's eye with me. Imagine you have this big beautiful heart filled with so much healthy love,  but it also consumed with anger, sadness, and pain that takes away from the beauty of what lives within you. 


Your life desire is to give love and receive love but you just can't seem to stay on course because this pain keeps showing up from the past. 


As your friend and mentor, I want to give you permission to free your body of these old wounds and past pains.  Holding onto this energy...

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Finding Clarity, Peace & Calm in the Midst of Stressful Times with Ania Fiduccia

Hey, There Magnificent Mama!

Running a business can be hard!

Many of us are working with a limited amount of team members leaving us as the business owner with lots of roles and not enough time. One of the struggles I've heard from so many Mamas in Biz is that they are constantly trying to find a work-life balance.

As though that isn't a real struggle burning the candle on both ends when a crazy pandemic comes along and seriously rocks your world. And now you need to find time for one of the most important roles... HOME SCHOOL TEACHER! 

Are you kidding me ???

I could barely get through 9th grade Math let alone teaching it to my kid. 

As Mamas we do what we have to do to get it done. Every day I have heard from many of the Magnificent Mamas that the constant exhaustion, overwhelm, and multi-tasking is taking a toll on their health, happiness, and businesses. 

My special guest shares with us several of the tools that she uses to successfully run not just...

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The Power of a Smile with Lynn Noble

Hey Magnificent Mama! 

Have you ever had some complete stranger smile and acknowledge you and you just felt the energy of love and kindness move throughout your entire being?

How about the times when you have gone to work and you could cut the tension with a knife before you have even gotten to your desk?

We have all had those days when we are just not feeling happy or upbeat but we put a smile on and do it anyway. I feel like this almost every day when I wake up to work out at 5:30 AM. Of course, I don't want to work out but I know that when I do I feel so much happier with myself and I can face the day with so much more kindness.  

Today my guest on the Magnificent Mamas Thrive Show is my dear friend and fellow Virgo girl, Lynn Noble. Lynn has been sharing Smiles with people all around the world everywhere she goes. She notices that when she smiles the world smiles back. Lynn shares with us some really powerful and exciting information on when we start our day with...

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Reducing Symptoms of Menopause Holistically with Kelly Nentwich

Hey Magnificent Mama!

Whatever age or stage you are in I am pretty sure you have heard of women who have gone through the change of life. Let's call it the dirty word MENOPAUSE!

The only reason why it's a dirty word is that many women struggle with hormonal imbalances that take control over their body, mind, and those emotions that make us cry at the drop of hat.

Hormonal imbalance is REAL and it can take over your BEING like a bad horror movie.

If you are struggling with

* Feeling like your on an emotional rollercoaster

* Experiencing hot flashes

* Vagninal dryness

* Dry skin

* Foggy thinking .... and a slew of other things then you will definitely want to grab a cup of tea or water and listen in as my guest Kelly Nentwich shares her expertise on hormones and how to bring balance into the body.

Press play now and change the course of your imbalances for good! 

The Magnificent Mamas are all about holistically approaching life, health, and wellness. We offer space for all women...

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Healthy Habits to Change your Life with Hallie Steinberg

Hey Magnificent Mamas,

This week's guest on the Magnificent Mamas Thrive Show shares with us the LEAN system that she implements in her own life as a mom of (3) young girls and her secrets to feeling energized with a full spirited attitude.

I'm not sure about you but all I know is that I'm not getting any younger and every time I look in the mirror I'm reminded that I get one body to take care of for the rest of my life. So to me, it only makes sense to take better care of your body than you do your vehicle that you are able to trade in when it doesn't work or when you get bored of it.

These days wellness is a very important topic. Life stressors are through the roof and that only wrecks havoc on your body and mind. When we get stressed we lose sight of positive thoughts, we become too exhausted to exercise and we tend to choose foods that give us a quick fix or supply of energy.

Before we fall down that rabbit hole that takes so much effort to get out of my guest Hallie Steinberg...

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Finding the Light in the Darkness of Grief with Janet Jones

Hey there Magnificent Mama!

Let's just say my guest Janet Jones and I had a very enlightened conversation about the healing process when grief or loss rocks your world. 

Nobody ever wants to imagine what it would feel like to in times of grief, however with the grace of whatever spiritual being you believe in, the love of her daughter and the desire to make sense of her own personal loss when her son passed away not so long ago she began The Good Grief Conversation.  It is here where she brings on guests to share in how they have processed through the pain and tools that may help listeners to apply to their life.

We discussed so many gems about what grief is about and how to find a place that feels best for you. 

* Climbing up after a loss

* How do we move on after the death of a loved one.

*  Honoring the love for the special person 

* Finding purpose with the pain

* Continuing communication with loved ones after death

* Take the love from grief...

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