Breath work to Soothe Anxiety and Trauma with Rebecca Davidson

Hey Magnificent Mama!

I’m really excited to share my next guest who completely surprised me with such a treat. Rebecca Davidson used our time together to put me in such a complete state of relaxation. I think I nearly fell asleep or at least felt like I had taken a really refreshing rest.

Rebecca specializes in yoga Nidra, tantra, and spiritually-based practices. She not only uses these modalities with her clients she has been using them for her own life for support with anxiety and trauma.

Breathwork is an active form of meditation that allows us to disconnect from our mind, tune into our body, and enter a deeper state of consciousness. This technique brings us closer to healing, clarity, peace, wholeness, and further from chronic stress and anxiety.

Find a quiet place to lie down and listen in as Rebecca takes us through a peaceful yoga Nidra meditation.


Be sure to journal on your experience or feel free to share with us about your transformation. I hope you...

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