Finding Pleasure by Aligning the Body, Mind & Soul

Happiness, pleasures, and joy could mean a vast variety of things for different people. To you, it might mean having the chance to read a good book out on your back porch with some chamomile tea while I would get immense pleasure from walking along the beach looking for sea life that emerges just long enough so we could watch them dance across the water before they disappear again into their secret world beneath our feet.
This idea of women's pleasure is very rarely talked about, and it seems that we are taught from a young age to make sure everyone else gets their needs met before ours. Women often spend time searching for the things which will bring happiness to others but forgetting all about themselves in the process.
Why does society seem so focused on this shame of having pleasure?
It feels like our duty as humans are just catering and pleasing other people while neglecting ourselves altogether! So many women go through life trying to find solutions or...
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