Finding Pleasure by Aligning the Body, Mind & Soul

Happiness, pleasures, and joy could mean a vast variety of things for different people. To you, it might mean having the chance to read a good book out on your back porch with some chamomile tea while I would get immense pleasure from walking along the beach looking for sea life that emerges just long enough so we could watch them dance across the water before they disappear again into their secret world beneath our feet.
This idea of women's pleasure is very rarely talked about, and it seems that we are taught from a young age to make sure everyone else gets their needs met before ours. Women often spend time searching for the things which will bring happiness to others but forgetting all about themselves in the process.
Why does society seem so focused on this shame of having pleasure?
It feels like our duty as humans are just catering and pleasing other people while neglecting ourselves altogether! So many women go through life trying to find solutions or tools that can help them be happy - after spending years not even thinking about their own desires at all!
This mind-blowing obsession to appease everyone, which seems to be an impossible task naturally, which means that women live with this constant struggle and knot in their stomach, fearing how they may end up upsetting anyone around them with their words or actions. When the focus is on keeping others happy, individual needs and desires get ignored and swept under the carpet for “someday” I will do something for myself, and that “someday” never comes.  
Many years ago when my husband and I had just adopted our son, Jake, of course as a new mom of a 2-year old I had no idea how demanding a child would be on top of all the other businesses and responsibilities I had. Don't get me wrong I very much wanted to be a present Mom, after all, I had been praying for this day for many years.
However, after several months of trying to figure this new addition to our routine, I realized I was having a really hard time finding pleasure in raising my child. Until I had what I call the "bathroom floor moment", eyes filled with tears and surrender in my heart wondering what I needed to do to feel happy. Soon after I asked for sources message, I heard the words, "find your happy and you will have an overflowing abundance of happiness to fill others up, but ... only after you find what brings joy and happiness in your everyday life." 
Of course, it all makes sense, each day I needed to do what I enjoy doing that fills up my soul on a daily level.
So instead of living with the hope of one day, it will be my turn to find happiness, joy and pleasure live with the daily philosophy that when Mama's happy everybody else will be too because let's face it nobody wants to hang around a cranky exhausted and overwhelmed mama. Just imagine how you'll feel if you fill your cup first before others can do so for themselves and spend time in refreshed replenished alignment with what brings you pleasure and joy!
Here are some of the ways I stay in alignment body, mind, and soul to receive life's simple pleasures:
-Honoring The Physical Body
Many women just eat to fill up with food but seem to take little time to take care of their physical needs or ask what would make them feel more fulfilled physically. If only we tapped into deeper wisdom from within us then maybe we will be satisfied on all levels which include our health and state of mindsets as well.  So next time you feel the hunger pains ask yourself  "What food will energize and nourish me right now?" What do you crave? Do you have enough energy this morning? Are your stomach pains due to stress rather than hunger? Next time when those hunger pangs start stirring in your belly be sure not to neglect them- they're trying to tell something important!
- Tune in to yourself
It's amazing how turning inward can bring you clarity. When women stop and listen, they realize that intuition is a gift from within themselves. Carve out some moments each day for meditation, or simply sitting with no outside stimuli; the more time spent this way will help identify what your body needs at any given moment demand may look like either of these activities but it also means stopping whatever else you're doing without an agenda or plan other than listening to yourself. You'll be able to go as far as asking "what do I need right now?" or you can be more specifically asking, What do I need to do to get closer to my goal towards ultimate health, physically, mentally & spiritually?
-Transformational Journaling
Especially during times when my mind feels cluttered and I feel a lack of clarity of what my body, mind, and soul need to get back into alignment I grab my journal and write to clear the noise in my head. Sometimes, it may look like a rant on the page just to get all the clutter out of your head or it's like writing a letter or chatting with an old friend you haven't seen for years. Other times, it is meditative as if talking directly with God himself- asking what do I need on a spiritual level right now?
As you will notice when you make time to seek pleasures in your own life you will continuously find things that bring you joy and add to your happiness. It could be the little things such as the miracles of everyday life, like an orchid blooming in your home, to have a deeper intimate conversation and connection with your spouse, or taking a walk in nature with a friend. The beautiful thing about connecting with your body, mind, and soul is that if you are not feeling fulfilled, you are the one who can recalibrate your life by changing your actions.
Go enjoy your day and go find what makes you happy!

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