5 Steps to Self-Discovery to Heal and Rediscover Your Life Purpose

As spring arrives, it is a beautiful reminder of the new beginnings that await us. It is when nature begins to bloom, and new growth is born. Just like nature, we too can use this time to shed our old selves and invite in new healing and growth.


As a kid, on the first warm weekend, my mom would open all the windows and doors to do a deep spring clean by cleaning the winter out of the house. We worked all day cleaning the windows, and curtains, and changing the bedding. This clean represented a fresh new start for the season. I remember it lifted the mood and changed the energy in the house. Ironically, one of the first steps we take in any of our coaching programs is to encourage a release ritual as a way to clean and clear out what's not working to open up space to allow new behaviors in and to identify what patterns, behaviors, or belief systems are causing you to feel stuck in a rut. 


Spiritual awakening is a beautiful process of...

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