The Mindful Mama's Guide to Self-Appreciation

A while back a client approached me on the recommendation of her family physician. After a series of tests yielded no physical ailments, she declined medication, yet her persistent feelings of being overwhelmed, anxiety, and exhaustion remained. In our initial session, my client came to a profound realization: she had been running from her past, which she had managed to bury for most of her life. In the process, she had not only forgotten the hardships she endured but also the beautiful moments and memories she had created. Her traumatic childhood had shaped her into a survivor, a mode she had carried into her adult life, despite her significant achievements. However, she had been caught in a perpetual cycle of survival, never pausing to acknowledge the greatness within herself.

She confided in me that she seldom felt good about her accomplishments, except for her relationship with her daughter. Her heart swelled with love and gratitude for her child, even though her undesirable upbringing had left her struggling to appreciate the love and admiration her teenage daughter showered upon her. As a single mother striving to make ends meet, she had failed to recognize that she was the sunshine in her daughter's life. The art of love and appreciation was foreign to her, and relationships were a challenging terrain to navigate, nurture, and cultivate.

Through our collaborative efforts, we embarked on a journey to raise her self-awareness and self-confidence. We guided her toward acknowledging the many qualities, attributes, and accomplishments she had amassed over the years. We needed to help her see that she was an extraordinary woman and that she had been so preoccupied with her achievements that she had rarely paused to celebrate herself. She wasn't raised in an environment that celebrated and appreciated one another, but it was high time for her to celebrate herself. The pattern of self-doubt and the inability to appreciate her accomplishments would persist if she didn't embrace the love and admiration coming from her daughter.

As she began to recognize that she could grant herself permission to pause and reflect on the wonderful aspects of her life, her gratitude and appreciation increased. With this newfound perspective, she could finally accept the love of her daughter. Only then could she allow love to flourish within herself and extend it toward others.

As we enter the month of giving thanks and gratitude let's work together to elevate your vibration and bring a sense of calm into your life. No matter your circumstance, I invite you to set the intention to embrace an attitude of gratitude and appreciation leading with love in your daily life over the next 30 days.

When you cultivate gratitude and appreciation for who you are and what you've achieved, magical things can happen. Elevate your gratitude for life every day, and watch how it transforms your world.


About the writer: Elizabeth Sanchez is a Holistic Life Coach who specializes in helping individuals break free from old patterns and behaviors that no longer serve them. With a wealth of tools and tips, she empowers her clients to rediscover the freedom to live a magnificent life. To learn more visit her directory page here 

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