Healing and Balancing the Heart Chakra for Love and Compassion

Hey Magnificent Mamas,
Wow ... no doubt we have all been experiencing some interesting times lately with this pandemic. While many of us are stuck at home we are left feeling hopeless, confused, frustrated, and lacking ambition. These feelings may be new for you and hard to understand or navigate through.
Hence why this blog may be jumping into your inbox because now is an extremely important time to find peace, balance, and healing for your heart to help you in the days and weeks to come.
The heart chakra also called Anahara located in the center of the body, heart region. Its color is associated with Green, the element of air and the mantra sound is YAM. This chakra is responsible for balancing and regulating self-acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, self-love, and empathy. The connection of transformations and change is in direct relation to the heart chakra. The heart chakra also enables you to grieve, while helping us attain tranquility and inner peace in the midst of conflict.
I'm pretty sure many can relate to the need to grieve or self regulate what your heart might be feeling these days. I've heard from many people who are feeling sad, lacking ambition, angry, and compassion.
If you are experiencing a sense of loneliness, resentment, fear, anger & isolation it wouldn't be surprising to know you may have a blocked heart chakra.
There are many reasons that can lead to a blocked or suppressed heart chakra. The most common that can close or block the heart chakra are childhood traumas such as physical & emotional abuse, lack of affection and unhealthy beliefs around love, the feeling of being denied affection and love growing up and developing self-sabotage and destructive habits that block the heart from receiving and giving healthy forms of love.
The key to Heart chakra healing is becoming aware of how the heart is feeling and then we are able to practice clearing, opening, supporting, and strengthening the heart chakra.
So while we are trying to find our new normal as working from home moms, homeschooling children, entertainments, short-order cooks, housekeepers, and wife's it seemed appropriate for us to work on finding some peace, solitude, and nourishment for our hearts.
Once we can understand how much we as women need to bring a balance of love and compassion into our body, mind, and soul we will be able to more freely offer a balance of love and compassion to our children, spouses, extended family members, community, government, and mother earth.
Take some time to go inward to feel what is going on in your body. 
Asking what does your heart feel, need, or want right now?
Listen to your thoughts. What are your thoughts telling you?
Notice what actions you have been taking. Are you doing things that lift you up or lower your vibration?
Here are some signs to look for in an unhealthy or out of balance heart chakra:
  • You feel a lack of connection with the people closest to you
  • You avoid socializing with people and connections to community
  • You feel a sense of neediness leaving you wanting more in your relationships
  • You fear to be alone
  • You feel a sense of self-worth by taking on the role of caretaker
  • Forgiveness is difficult for you
  • Anger shows up often towards other people and situations
  • Jealous thoughts and feeling show up in relationships or towards other people
  • You struggle with a negative self-talk
  • You are constantly replaying or reliving your trauma
  • You have physical ailments with the heart, lung or chest region such as asthma, high blood pressure or poor blood circulation
  • You struggle with keeping boundaries leaving you prone to develop codependent relationships
  • You struggle to give or receive love freely
  • You lack trust of yourself and others
  • You often feel heaviness in your chest
If you can relate to several of these signs, your heart chakra could probably benefit greatly with some consistent remedies to help support you feeling open, connected, and completely balanced.
How do you bring alignment back into your body when the heart chakra feels out of sorts?
Here are some of my favorite holistic remedies to bring the heart chakra into alignment emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.
Laughter is the connection to happiness. Find fun in life. Take notice of how children play and have a spark of love for life when they are laughing, skipping, jumping, and swinging.
Sprinkle Kindness around the world or to your community. Offer compliments, pay for someone's coffee, delivering fresh flowers to a friend.  Sprinkling kindness adds a smile to someones day and fills up our soul all at the same time. 
Slow Down & Breath.  Too often we don't use our breath to bring peace to the body. Taking deeper, longer breathes allows us to bring more oxygen into the body helping us to center and refocus. Take a few moments to follow your breath as you imagine it drawing deeper into your body with each inhale and releasing unnecessary energy with each exhale. 
Use Essential Oils: Ylang Ylang, Rose, Clary Sage, Jasmine, Bergamot are especially great for the heart chakra. Diffuse oils in your home, office or apply oils with a carrier oil to the chest area or to bottom of feet.
Yoga Poses: Allowing the body to move in a variety of poses can help such as Cobra, Chest Opener, Cat/Cow, forward bend, eagle,  and fish pose.
Meditate: Place crystals on your heart region or around your body. Place them in your bra or wear crystals as jewelry to support you throughout the day. Malachite, Rose Quartz, Emerald, Clear Quartz, Green Calcite, Green fluorite.
Eat Green Foods: kiwi fruit, spinach, kale, green apples, pears, chard, lettuce, broccoli, peas, avocados, cabbage, peppers, zucchini, grapes, and celery
Release Ritual: Write a letter of forgiveness with love and compassion to yourself/individual. Let go of the emotional attachments by throwing it in the burning bowl using fire or water to release what no longer serves you.
Practice Daily Affirmations: 
I open my heart to receive love.
I embrace and love who I am.
I am worthy of loving relationships.
I nurture my inner child.
I feel and listen to my heart's desires.
This may feel like a lot to take in all at once. What I have noticed for myself and clients is that keeping an open and balanced heart takes practice. These are techniques to implement into your daily or weekly self-care routine.
We can only be loved or spread love as much or as little as we love ourselves.
Want to learn more about ways to Open your Heart?
Join us for this Month's Mamas Mingle with Stacy Chandler who will teach us some yoga poses to open our hearts and feel more at ease in our bodies.
Do you want to share, discuss, and explore a variety of movements, meditations, and conversations for a deeper level of Soul Healing? 
After reading this article pick your favorite 3 tools and try them out one at a time. Give yourself grace if this is the first time you have done anything like this. Change happens time ... there is no one tool that fixes all. It has been my experience over time to use the each tool and find one that works for you at that moment in your life. 
Keep these tools handy, we all need them at times in your life. Be sure to share with your friends, family, and children ... paying it forward will only help us to live in a world full of love and compassion. 
Please feel free to reach out if you have any comments or questions. I love hearing from you. 

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