Finding the Light in the Darkness of Grief with Janet Jones

Hey there Magnificent Mama!

Let's just say my guest Janet Jones and I had a very enlightened conversation about the healing process when grief or loss rocks your world. 

Nobody ever wants to imagine what it would feel like to in times of grief, however with the grace of whatever spiritual being you believe in, the love of her daughter and the desire to make sense of her own personal loss when her son passed away not so long ago she began The Good Grief Conversation.  It is here where she brings on guests to share in how they have processed through the pain and tools that may help listeners to apply to their life.

We discussed so many gems about what grief is about and how to find a place that feels best for you. 

* Climbing up after a loss

* How do we move on after the death of a loved one.

*  Honoring the love for the special person 

* Finding purpose with the pain

* Continuing communication with loved ones after death

* Take the love from grief...

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