Introducing the

Mental Health Alternatives Project

Bringing together families with local Alternative Health Practitioners who will be sharing the tools to help and support teens with stress, anxiety, and overall health and wellness. 

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😃  Experience 😃

This event is not just about learning great information and how it can help with overall mental health. This event will be an experience for you and your teen to witness and physically feel a difference with alternative therapies.

    ☀️ Have Fun ☀️ 

Teens just want to have fun! As humans, it is normal to connect our emotions to our hearts. It is our hope that you and your teen will leave this event with an overall feeling of being heard, understood, and connected to solutions to help them find freedom in their body, mind, and hearts. 

🍦 Snacks & Social 🍦

After having an amazing experience with some of our practitioners leading you in mindset, sound healing, and movement. We have time for you to explore, mix and mingle to ask questions and connect with the practitioners, mentors, and resources to support your family's goals and needs.

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Thank you for the Support from our Partners for helping us put this community event together.